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Gautam's Summer camp

Gautam is also going for summer camp this summer but at a different place. He is enjoying himself. He does activities like dance,yoga,pottery(he made the hole in the pot but still good for his age)craft. He already has made many things and just dances if he hears music(He wasn't like this before) attempting to sing some songs that I listen. Mom or dad drops him on the way to the school to get me home and then we pick him up at 1o'clock. He will be telling us what they did today and show us the dance. When we reach the place where his summer camp is held to pick him up he will be in the sand pit making sandcastles.


This Summer, mom enrolled me into the the school summer camp in badminton classes. I am in the second batch and I am enjoying it there. There good part and bad part. The good part are that I get to play and learn but still I have difficulties in hitting smashes but sometimes I can hit it. The bad part is the exercises and that half the class goes in exercise and that there are tiny black things on the ground which makes our hands and sometime face a little black(It come into faces when you wipe sweat with dirty hands which are black) . I am having lot of fun.


Gautam has been doing some pretty funny antics these days. So I decided to write it down before I forget it. Mom taught gautam a new word which was bladder. Few days later Gautam mentions bladder as blazer and adder. Then I taught him how to talk through the speaker of a phone. Then when dad picks up the phone and listens gautam talking he tells him to stop it and then asks kya aap Sreekanth hai. Gautam replies through the speaker nahi mein Gautam hun. We all started laughing.

One more new word that he learned was railway track but he always pronounces it as railwo track no matter how many ever times we correct him. Gautam learned two rhymes and whenever we sing it wrong he starts telling them correctly to us(for once correcting us instead of getting corrected).

The sixth and the last exam

Today was my sixth exam. It was Hindi today. In the free time, A 5b student started hitting everybody with a roll of newspaper. When he came to hit me I just started blocking and then sat down waiting for the exam to start. When the invigilator came, then everybody started writing.

Then after finishing when I revised I found that I made many spelling mistakes and after correcting I submitted it and then we went to our class. There, my Science teacher gave me a pen and a chocolate because in the revision test I did well then we all wished each other happy holidays, then went down and then went home.

My Fifth Exam

My fifth exam was English. It was there yesterday. It was of medium difficulty. I am glad that it is the second last exam and tomorrow after reaching home holidays start. It is going to be a long vacation. When the invigilator gave us the paper we all started writing and I after finishing and checking started waiting again.

Then when it got over I ate  my food and started going to a 5b student's place to read the book he was reading. Then when the bell rang there was a rush at stairs to go downstairs. Then after the meditation we went home.

My Fourth Exam

My fourth exam was Social Science. In our free time before the exam a boy from 4c came. He used to trouble us a lot. Then only my classmate was drinking water and that 4c boy pushed my classmate because I pushed him because he started hitting me and the water got spilled on the table and I cleaned it.

Then the invigilator came and gave us the paper. It was very easy and I finished it quickly. Then we ate our short break and I sat with A 5b person and me and my classmates were discussing the answers. and then we all played as there was no teacher. Then we went down for meditation down when the bell rang and then went home.

My third exam

My third exam was science. All those who got their science book were studying and I had a look at fifth standard science textbook. Then the invigilator came. She was the meditation teacher and teaches Sanskrit to the higher classes students. She gave the question paper and answer sheet and we started writing. 

Then at around 10:00 a science teacher came and told us that the True or false had everything false and some wrote one question as true and got saved from losing one mark. I finished and then started waiting for the bell to ring. 

When it rang we all went back and sat outside the class because they did not finish and me and my classmate started asking each other questions. Then when we went inside we ate our food and I started playing some games we could play a scale, a eraser and a sharpener. then we went to do meditation and then went home.

My second exam

My second exam was Mathematics. It was also a easy paper and I will hopefully get good marks in it. The invigilator was the aunt of my classmate. I first read the paper in the time given to us and then our invigilator ave us the answer sheet and we started writing. 

I started doing my calculations in one side of the paper and wrote the answer. Then I revised and in a hurry gave the paper to the teacher as there were only few minutes left. Then we ate our food. Then our invigilator made us go back to our class at 11:20. There I sat and started reading science and our class teacher asked us questions. Then we went for meditation and went home.

Gautam's graduation!

Today was Gautam's graduation. We reached the school at 11 o'clock and went to the auditorium. Luckily today was a study holiday for me and even I could see the program. All the kids of PP III were in the front wearing those red scholar hats. All the PP II children were dancing on many songs then all PP III went to the stage, got there certificates and touched our swamiji's and came back and went to class in a line and there were sections from A to H section. Now at last we will have the same timings and  Gautam will be also coming with back to home.


I am a big bookworm and believe it or not I at least spend one hour everyday. I mostly read Harry potter

and I like comics very much. Mom even gets books from the library for me and I can read a novel in like three or four hours and I enjoy reading a lot. I have even finished and 700 page book in just 4 days and I read then whole Harry Potter series in two weeks, finished the Famous Five series and many more series.
The Bad thing is my head starts aching whenever I read too much and I hate to leave a book once I have started reading i

Christmas Holidays

I thoroughly enjoyed my christmas holidays. It was a lot of fun in Hyderabad and dad and me used play monopoly for hours and I played scrabble with mom and dad and carrom with dadi. Better weather than Bangalore as it become colder than hyderabad and I get tired of sneezing and one time I sneezed six times in row and it was just not going. Certainly thought it should have lasted longer and now after it, my final exams are getting closer and closer but one good part is that after final exams there is a big summer vacation waiting and I sure will like to see Gautam in 1st standard  and getting the same school timing. Coco is getting huge and when we picked him up he was jumping and running excitedly but one can't have everything can he and I got an award too by mom.

My first blog post!

Dussera holidays
I am glad that now I don’t have to wake up at 6:45 every weekday of your life. And that you can just sit in one place doing something and just enjoy. The thing I am looking forward to is playing my favorite video game on my Nintendo DS (for those who don’t what a Nintendo DS is, it is a thing on which you play video games). The thing, which is the most boring aspect, is I have got tonnes of homework and I envy my friend in seventh standard, who has none.
Even though I get a lot of homework. Vacations are always fun.