Gautam has been doing some pretty funny antics these days. So I decided to write it down before I forget it. Mom taught gautam a new word which was bladder. Few days later Gautam mentions bladder as blazer and adder. Then I taught him how to talk through the speaker of a phone. Then when dad picks up the phone and listens gautam talking he tells him to stop it and then asks kya aap Sreekanth hai. Gautam replies through the speaker nahi mein Gautam hun. We all started laughing.

One more new word that he learned was railway track but he always pronounces it as railwo track no matter how many ever times we correct him. Gautam learned two rhymes and whenever we sing it wrong he starts telling them correctly to us(for once correcting us instead of getting corrected). 


  1. Sid,

    I am so glad that you write so well. Read all current posts. So examinations are over and holidays have started. Feels good, is it not so? Please do remember that this is the time to make good and strong foundation for your future. Study intelligently by understanding the subject and then it will remain in memory. I am sure you will do well in life. Give my love to Gautam. How old is he? and you also?

    With love

    1. @Jack

      Thanks! Gautam is going to turn six in september. I sure will do it.

  2. Very well written Sid. Keep it going and soon you'll be writing as good as your mom. All the best. :) Apu

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