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My Tablet!

I got a tablet for my birthday from my family. It is a micromax funbook. It has a ebook reader,games,internet,songs,camera and videos. I can do games for one hour. we all use this tablet and though a iPad or something would be better this is fine for us as we just want some games and internet, other apps won't be necessary. I like this thing very much.

It is not fair!

I alone have had a lot of incidents when elders boys are not being fair. Like when I am playing cricket and the big boys come into the game as I am the youngest I have to go last in batting and not bowl. I told my parents and they advised me to not play with them. This is very common as the big boys are better than the younger person and think why should they let them go earlier or even play and the younger person can't anything but not to play with them.

My Birthday!

It was my birthday on May 11th. It was a great day. The day started with a blitzkrieg of calls wishing me a happy birthday(not that I am complaining). Then I started doing my nintendo as I could do it for a lot of time as a birthday treat. Then in the afternoon we went out for lunch at our favourite restaurant. The food was as good as usual. in the end I got surprised when they came and gave me a strawberry cake. It was great. then in the evening i called some of my friends to eat the cake. I then play DS and Wii with them and then accepted a friends offer to watch the match together. When I came back home I was feeling sad that it got over but you can't get everything can you?


We went to chikmaglur for three days. It was a great experience. We left on Friday morning and went on the way to nice road and  there we saw a few huge trucks carrying two huge windmill blades and at first we thought they were rockets. On the way we stopped at a restaurant and there toilet was written as tiolet. We reached there on Friday afternoon after a five hour journey. we were staying in Naturecraft homestay. It was 8.5 kilometres from chikmaglur town. when we reached there, I opened the gate and was going to follow the car when the owner told me to go by a shortcut. My parents were a bit surprised when they saw me. I went to the hammock and rested and then played my Nintendo, ate lunch and then played with Gautam. I saw the match and then went to sleep. 

The next day we went to MG park and me and Gautam tried everything there and then went for a toy train trip around the park. We were very exhausted and tired. Nana and my parents had some of chikmaglur's famous coffee. th…