We went to chikmaglur for three days. It was a great experience. We left on Friday morning and went on the way to nice road and  there we saw a few huge trucks carrying two huge windmill blades and at first we thought they were rockets. On the way we stopped at a restaurant and there toilet was written as tiolet. We reached there on Friday afternoon after a five hour journey. we were staying in Naturecraft homestay. It was 8.5 kilometres from chikmaglur town. when we reached there, I opened the gate and was going to follow the car when the owner told me to go by a shortcut. My parents were a bit surprised when they saw me. I went to the hammock and rested and then played my Nintendo, ate lunch and then played with Gautam. I saw the match and then went to sleep. 

The next day we went to MG park and me and Gautam tried everything there and then went for a toy train trip around the park. We were very exhausted and tired. Nana and my parents had some of chikmaglur's famous coffee. their was a bonfire. The last and final day was very nice. the hammock didn't fall to the ground(irritating) It was peace fully spent with Gautam chasing roosters for getting a chocolate and playing a new clip game. Their farm was huge and they had a great dane and all the coffee berries were harvested. Today we again left and saw the famous Belur temple and many windmills on the way. We just couldn't find a restaurant and ended up eating in the same restaurant in which we ate while coming. then picked up coco and got to know about a friend of Coco.


  1. Sid,

    Nice way to spend a week-end. Hope you have more such enjoyable trips.

    Take care


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