My Birthday!

It was my birthday on May 11th. It was a great day. The day started with a blitzkrieg of calls wishing me a happy birthday(not that I am complaining). Then I started doing my nintendo as I could do it for a lot of time as a birthday treat. Then in the afternoon we went out for lunch at our favourite restaurant. The food was as good as usual. in the end I got surprised when they came and gave me a strawberry cake. It was great. then in the evening i called some of my friends to eat the cake. I then play DS and Wii with them and then accepted a friends offer to watch the match together. When I came back home I was feeling sad that it got over but you can't get everything can you?


  1. Yeah, all good things must come to an end :).

  2. Dear Sid,
    I love your writing :)

    Luv papa

  3. Hey dude, sounds like you had a real good day! I have to agree, it's a bit funny because the following day, everything is always back to normal again :-)

  4. Sid, it amazes me to see your usage of words like blitzkrieg and the subtle humor that you infuse. You make mama very proud with your writing :). Keep up the good work.


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