My Tablet!

my tablet

I got a tablet for my birthday from my family. It is a micromax funbook. It has a ebook reader,games,internet,songs,camera and videos. I can do games for one hour. we all use this tablet and though a iPad or something would be better this is fine for us as we just want some games and internet, other apps won't be necessary. I like this thing very much.


  1. Kids and gadgets; they have a strange connect ;)

  2. I checked out the reviews, and apparently it runs games like Angry Birds, too. Have you tried gaming?

  3. Bart That is what both Sid and Gautam do all day, play games. I loves the Angry Birds -- Space version that they have here. These guys play so many other games that Sid will enlighten you about. Even little Gautam can teach a trick or two :). Best point is the price. It is perfect for kids, as G is very fussy about them playing games on his iPad ;-).

  4. @bart yes and I downloaded all angry birds games


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