My bro joins me in a full day school

My brother  recently came in first standard. Now he saves me a seat everyday as I come later. So I get a good seat plus time to chat with my brother and nowadays he become a bit tired because of the sudden change of time and sleeps in the bus but never mess with this little ninja even when he sleeping because he will get frustrated and suddenly that not the right place to be and he has a few tricks up his sleeve :). He is pretty defensive and goes to fight anybody who troubles me in the bus but sometimes I need to come forward and stop him because against a big person he doesn't stand a chance.My dog Coco is always there at the doorstep waiting for us and as we come he starts jumping and licking us.


  1. Sounds like you guys make an awesome ninja team :-)

  2. @bart yes:) and that was pretty quick

  3. Sid,

    Sorry to visit after a long gap. Read all pending posts. It is so good that you enjoyed your birthday. Please do remember what you feel about big boys now when you grow big. You should then not be like them. Congratulations on new tablet. Ahhh, brotherly love. May God bless you both with happiness and togetherness always.

    Take care


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