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My Favourite Sport

My favourite sport is football. It is a game played by two teams each consisting of eleven players. The rules are simple like: That no one except the goalkeeper can touch the ball with their  hands. If a player other than the goalkeeper touches the ball with their hands inside the penalty arc it is an penalty and the opponent team get a chance to shoot and every player except the goalkeeper has to stand behind the ball. If a player touches the ball with his/her hands outside the penalty arc is a free kick. Whoever shoots the most goals win the match.

The positions are: goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker. The goalkeeper has to block goals, a defender has to tackle the opponent, the midfielder has to take the pass from the defender and can either pass to the striker or shoot it himself and the striker has to take passes from defenders or midfielders and then shoot.

A good read

I am going to tell you about the book, Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets. The story starts with Harry not recieving any letters from his friends and not even on his birthday and it is puzzling as they promised to send some. Then Harry finds a elf in his cupboard and he is in trouble as a guest had come and Harry is not supposed to be down or make any noise and the elf while going elevates the cake and drops it on the guest so the dursleys lock Harry in his bedroom.

Then Harry's friend,Ronald Weasley or Ron for short came with two of his brother Fred and George Weasly, Two twins who were the most naughty in the whole Weasley family and they all came from their flying Ford Anglia to rescue Harry and toke him to their home, The Burrow. Harrry is amazed as he was seeing a magical house for the first time.
He stays here for a few days and then shops for the new year at Hogwarts, a school teaching magic.He meets Hermione over there and then start the term. It was a norm…

My brother

My brother is going to turn six this year. He is very cute and naughty and inside the house he do anything to irritate us but outside he is quiet and disciplined. He is very protective when someone troubles me he is always ready to fly at them. He also asks many questions and then when we tell him the answer he runs away to play with his toys. He can play with his toys for a lot of time before getting bored(something I should learn from him). He is also very bright and intelligent but sometimes he irritates me so much and hits me I get angry but still we are brothers and love each other a lot.

My Dog

I have a Labrador Retriever named Coco. He is currently almost one and a half years and born in the same month as I(In the month of May). He is very cute and he wakes me up everyday by licking on my face but sometimes he is overenthusiastic and doesn't let me sleep. On his birthday we celebrated by making him a cake from pedigree.

 Some pics

He eats like a lion and was born with blue eyes but now has green eyes just like two emeralds. I remove ticks from his skin and kill them whenever I can see one and we take for walks sometimes and we pamper him but at the same time we are strict with him and give him punishments.

A good movie

I recently watched Hachiko a dog's story. In case you haven't heard about it I will brief you about what happens. It starts with Hachiko finding professor Wilson and he takes him home. Then he convinces his wife to keep him. Then Hachiko starts following professor Wilson till the train station and comes there to greet him when he hears the train coming and is always there and one day a skunk stopped him and professor and Hachi get skunked. 

One problem that he is an Akita and Akitas don't usually fetch but one day he fetches the ball and tries to stop him from going and that day only he dies and Hachiko is puzzled why didn't he come. So everyday he day go there and even when the family moved then he ran and came here and truly by its end you will have tears in your eyes as you watch Hachi waiting and finally dies due to old age. 

The real Hachiko was in Japan he is till date the most loyal dog in the whole world and he used to wait at Shibuya station in Tokyo and many p…

The football match

Today I had a very engrossing football match. Our team got the early lead when my friend shot a goal but then the opponent scored five goals in quick succession. Then we started recovering and I scored two goals and then my team gave me to the other team because they were one player short. And in the end we won 10-7

The Table Tennis match

Today I took my table tennis racquet and ball to school as the school racquets were not of good quality.We had a tournament in school and I won all my matches until the final easily beating the others 11-1, 11- 4 in the final I was up against two opponent and I was one but still I beat them but they were good and at stage I had to stretch so much that I almost fell. In the end I won 11-7 against them and I shook hands and immediately We ran to class