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I am going to tell you about the book, Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets. The story starts with Harry not recieving any letters from his friends and not even on his birthday and it is puzzling as they promised to send some. Then Harry finds a elf in his cupboard and he is in trouble as a guest had come and Harry is not supposed to be down or make any noise and the elf while going elevates the cake and drops it on the guest so the dursleys lock Harry in his bedroom.

Then Harry's friend,Ronald Weasley or Ron for short came with two of his brother Fred and George Weasly, Two twins who were the most naughty in the whole Weasley family and they all came from their flying Ford Anglia to rescue Harry and toke him to their home, The Burrow. Harrry is amazed as he was seeing a magical house for the first time.

He stays here for a few days and then shops for the new year at Hogwarts, a school teaching magic.He meets Hermione over there and then start the term. It was a normal year until Halloween when the caretaker's cat got petrified and on the walls of the toilet was written the chamber of secrets has been opened again.

Harry, Ron and Hermione start making the polyjuice potion to interrogate Malfoy but Hermione gets turned into a cat by mistake and Harry and Ron interrogate malfoy but they find out that he isn't responsible.

The quidditch matches were coming close Harry was training like anything for his team griffindor was up against Malfoy team slitherin who were on better brooms but still griffindor wins and then one more victim is petrified and Harry is suspected as the victim used to irritate him and then when harry finds another victim again he is blamed and during a Quidditch match which was going to start Hermione is petrified. Then Ginny Ron's sister has been taken to the chamber of secrets Hagrid is arrested and Harry and Ron go to the chamber of secrets defeat the basilisk and rescue ginny all other petrified people get cured using a herb. Griffindor wins the cup again everyone is happy and Harry get back home.


  1. considering how many times you've read this series, you can write commentaries with your eyes closed. Good review, son!

  2. Sid,

    Keep up with habit of reading. It adds to your knowledge.

    Take care

    1. Thanks Jack. Surely I won't leave the habit of Reading


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