A good movie

The movie's Hachi
I recently watched Hachiko a dog's story. In case you haven't heard about it I will brief you about what happens. It starts with Hachiko finding professor Wilson and he takes him home. Then he convinces his wife to keep him. Then Hachiko starts following professor Wilson till the train station and comes there to greet him when he hears the train coming and is always there and one day a skunk stopped him and professor and Hachi get skunked

One problem that he is an Akita and Akitas don't usually fetch but one day he fetches the ball and tries to stop him from going and that day only he dies and Hachiko is puzzled why didn't he come. So everyday he day go there and even when the family moved then he ran and came here and truly by its end you will have tears in your eyes as you watch Hachi waiting and finally dies due to old age. 

The real Hachiko was in Japan he is till date the most loyal dog in the whole world and he used to wait at Shibuya station in Tokyo and many people saw them together and then one day his master never came back and he waited and waited for him to come till he died nine years later and today a bronze statue stands in his honour and on April 4 in Japan many dog lovers come and pay their respects to Hachiko an totally great dog     


  1. I must've seen this movie at least twice with the kids and many more times in bits and pieces and it never fails to make me emotional.
    That was a great review.

  2. Sid,

    Very touching story. I must see this movie. Thanks for information.

    Take care

  3. One of the best movies I've seen!

  4. I am so glad you enjoyed the movie. every time it is aired in the TV, somehow i come to know about it and I end up watching it again. I must have seen it at least 6/7 times. And every time i cry.You know three different dogs acted as Hachiko in that movie.
    In fact I wanted to buy a Akita puppy, but i believe, they do well only in cold countries. Also they are very, very expensive, and they are available in Bangalore too.
    I have told everybody to see this movie, in fact I told your mom too to see it.
    Keep writing, and keep sharing.


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