My brother

My brother in his birthday party
My brother is going to turn six this year. He is very cute and naughty and inside the house he do anything to irritate us but outside he is quiet and disciplined. He is very protective when someone troubles me he is always ready to fly at them. He also asks many questions and then when we tell him the answer he runs away to play with his toys. He can play with his toys for a lot of time before getting bored(something I should learn from him). He is also very bright and intelligent but sometimes he irritates me so much and hits me I get angry but still we are brothers and love each other a lot. 


  1. Very sweet Siddhu! We will make Gautam read this when he is a little older :).

  2. Siddharth, I'm so glad your Mum shared this on Facebook. I loved reading all about Gautam. It's nice to have a brother, isn't it? I have two older ones and they teased me no end when I was growing up. But I love them dearly. I can see that you and Gautam are good friends too.

  3. Sid,

    May God bless you both with happiness always.

    Take care


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