My Dog

I have a Labrador Retriever named Coco. He is currently almost one and a half years and born in the same month as I(In the month of May). He is very cute and he wakes me up everyday by licking on my face but sometimes he is overenthusiastic and doesn't let me sleep. On his birthday we celebrated by making him a cake from pedigree.

 Some pics

 He eats like a lion and was born with blue eyes but now has green eyes just like two emeralds. I remove ticks from his skin and kill them whenever I can see one and we take for walks sometimes and we pamper him but at the same time we are strict with him and give him punishments.


  1. Sid,

    Dogs are very faithful. Labradors are very affectionate, though their size scares people. One should never be too harsh on them. They need regular grooming, like in this case brushing everyday.Ticks do not die even if you squish them. You need to put them in water, it is only when they die. Looks very cute.

    Take care

    1. jack we are not harsh on him and ticks die if you hit them with a sharp object like a stone

  2. Coco is so cute. My Pablo was so happy to have him share about himself on his blog. I can see that Coco gets a lot of love from two special boys.


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