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My Project

I had did a project in school about rainwater harvesting. I went on the stage with my friends holding the chart and then after introducing myself told why we need rainwater harvesting, what are the advantages of it and about the process. Then after that many people told that it was good and when I came back to my line all my friends told me good and principal sir also like it and I was relieved as the it went well and for the first time on stage my knees didn't shake. Then in the afternoon during dance practice my former class teacher also told me it was good.

Independence Day Program

Yesterday, I had a program on Independence day. I reached school and reached the place where the teachers were painting our arms and legs and I was last and then we watched the flag hoisting and then all classes went to witness the program and we just went after them and the first standard did a dance on the music on all the Hero Moto Corp adds and then one random class did a play how British treated us and one funny thing was that while telling about zero was invented by the great Indian mathematician Aryabhatta he told Aryabhatha and then a skit in Kannada in which the main character always dies and a big boy carries him away and then after some poems my dance came and by mistake we started a bit early on one step but otherwise it was good and then we went downstairs and I became first at the sink and began washing the paint and the arm paint went away and the paint on my leg I had to wash it in my house and then I took my clothes and while changing in the bathroom locking myself in…

A Good Read

I read The Hunger Games yesterday. It was good with a slight bit of emotion in it. It is about a girl living in District 12 in Panem which is current day North America with thirteen parts, they are: The Capitol and twelve districts and there had been a rebel war with the districts on one side and the Capitol on another and the Capitol had won the war destroying District 13 forever. From then they started the Hunger Games in which each district sends 2 tributes a boy and girl. Whoever lasts till the last being the only survivor wins and they have to kill each other.
The girl's name is Katniss and has a best friend called Gale. She volunteers to become a part of the Hunger Games to save her sister. She has two trainers called Ellie and Haymitch. She in the opening ceremony wears a dress which is on fire but not hurting her and in the training she gets a eleven points and then when the games start she looks for a bow and arrow but is distracted and then has to flee with a bag while …


Today is the festival Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan. I have 5 cousin sisters so I normally wear 5 rakhis but this time only one of my sisters sent it. We tied it in the morning, eat something sweet and ran to school. In the class everyone was comparing their rakhis with each other. Then when class started we almost stopped talking about it but we just had to ask each other how sisters they have or tease them about their rakhis.