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I read The Hunger Games yesterday. It was good with a slight bit of emotion in it. It is about a girl living in District 12 in Panem which is current day North America with thirteen parts, they are: The Capitol and twelve districts and there had been a rebel war with the districts on one side and the Capitol on another and the Capitol had won the war destroying District 13 forever. From then they started the Hunger Games in which each district sends 2 tributes a boy and girl. Whoever lasts till the last being the only survivor wins and they have to kill each other.

The girl's name is Katniss and has a best friend called Gale. She volunteers to become a part of the Hunger Games to save her sister. She has two trainers called Ellie and Haymitch. She in the opening ceremony wears a dress which is on fire but not hurting her and in the training she gets a eleven points and then when the games start she looks for a bow and arrow but is distracted and then has to flee with a bag while her friend defends her and then she runs until she is deep inside the forest when the Capitol shoots fireballs to get all the tributes together and then Katnisss gets burned in her leg and Haymitch sends her the medicine and takes shelter in the trees and there is a custom that whoever is dead his bod is retrieved by a hovercraft and face shown in the night.

She desperately needs water when trouble arrives and the careers as the best are called are trying their best to hunt her down and they have her bow and arrow and first try shooting but very bad at archery and cannot climb the tree as to fat. While they sleep Rue another tribute warns her about tracker jackers a wasp and throws them on the careers and escapes with the bow and arrow and teams up with Rue, destroys their food source while Rue distracts them and then she goes to find Rue to find her trapped in a net and a career kills Rue and she kills the career and sings until Rue dies and buries her in flowers. 

Then in the night it is announced that a pair of the districts can only win and Katniss hurries to find Peeta, the boy from her district and the person who saved her life thrice and twice in the games and he had got injured badly while defending her in the starting time. She finds him well camouflaged in a stream and takes him to a cave and sees his wound which is in bad condition and then another announcement that there are bag with your district's number on it which contains a gift for you. Katniss wants to go but Peeta is sure of trouble there as it is in the cornucopia and there are many people ready to kill you and Katniss has to agree but she is sure there is a cure for Peeta over there.

Then suddenly Haymitch had sent a sleep syrup and Katniss goes and almost dies at the hands of a girl called Clove but the district 11 boy saves Katniss and lets her go as he owes Katniss for the fact that he helped Rue and also got a special bread from district 11 while getting the medicine and gives it to Peeta and then after two days when Katniss wakes up five tributes were left and then tomorrow they hunt and Peeta gathers berries and they find some cheese has been stolen and a cannon rings and they find out the berries were poisonous and then only  four are left. Cato, a boy, Thresh of district 11 and Peeta and Katniss are left. 

Then Thresh dies at the hands of Cato and then Peeta and Katniss go to the cornucopia to find Cato running and when Katniss shot a arrow Cato was wearing body armour and running from mutts and they all climb the cornucopia to escape from the mutts and then Katniss discovers that they are the dead bodies of the people killed in this particular games and combined with wolves in the Capitol lab and then Peeta wound starts bleeding and Cato holding him and Katniss shoots where there is no arrow and then ties a tourniquet to stop the bleeding when another announcement comes that there will be just one victor and the mutts have gone. 

The Peeta rips his tourniquet and Katniss ties it back again telling not to sacrifice himself and then both of them make a choice to eat the poisonous berries together and then another announcement that they both are victors and then both are operated and their wounds are gone but the Capitol thinks it was rebellious and then they escape that charge and go home to live in the victors house.


  1. And, you are supposed to review the book and not reveal the entire story, son :).

  2. Yeah it's a great book, I loved reading it. For some reason, I couldn't get through the second book though. For me, it was more of the same (for others, that's actually great).

    1. I've just started reading Mockingjay, the second book and it is a bit confusing in the starting. Have you read Catching Fire, the last on

  3. Sid,

    WOW! you read this book! Keep up with your reading habit.

    Take care


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