Independence Day Program

Yesterday, I had a program on Independence day. I reached school and reached the place where the teachers were painting our arms and legs and I was last and then we watched the flag hoisting and then all classes went to witness the program and we just went after them and the first standard did a dance on the music on all the Hero Moto Corp adds and then one random class did a play how British treated us and one funny thing was that while telling about zero was invented by the great Indian mathematician Aryabhatta he told Aryabhatha and then a skit in Kannada in which the main character always dies and a big boy carries him away and then after some poems my dance came and by mistake we started a bit early on one step but otherwise it was good and then we went downstairs and I became first at the sink and began washing the paint and the arm paint went away and the paint on my leg I had to wash it in my house and then I took my clothes and while changing in the bathroom locking myself inside and after it when I opened it it wouldn't open as a boy had locked me inside and only when I started climbing did he open it(no one but he was nearby to hear the bangs of the door).Then I went home.


  1. Sid,

    I am glad that nothing serious happened when you were locked in. I hope that boy does not do this again to anyone.

    Take care

  2. I was lucky that he opened it.


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