My Project

I had did a project in school about rainwater harvesting. I went on the stage with my friends holding the chart and then after introducing myself told why we need rainwater harvesting, what are the advantages of it and about the process. Then after that many people told that it was good and when I came back to my line all my friends told me good and principal sir also like it and I was relieved as the it went well and for the first time on stage my knees didn't shake. Then in the afternoon during dance practice my former class teacher also told me it was good. 


  1. Great project! Do you know which country in the world has most rain?

    1. Thanks and India is your answer.

  2. And, I still remember the way your old class teacher was gushing when I came to pick you up! I knew you would do well at the presentation. And, to think that I actually did a presentation of this scale in college! Way to go, Sid :). You make me so proud!

  3. Whoa, you guys did a lot of work there. That schema looks really nice. Maybe you will become a scientist later?

  4. Sid,

    That is a very important topic you spoke in your project. Hope people follow this as we need to tap rain water for use.

    Take care

  5. Sid,

    Please let me know when is Gautam's birthday as I would like to wish him in time. Thanks

    Take care


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