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Recently I read Mockingjay. It is in the hunger games series. It is about Katniss Everdeen who has been rescued from the arena and her district's all parts except the victors village is bombed and they flee to district thirteen. District thirteen was believed to have been bombed and destroyed during the first rebellion but people were living underground and they were living in isolation all that time without anyone knowing about and when the survivors of district twelve arrive they are given district thirteen citizenship and soon get to know that a epidemic pox had spread over there and are given meals according to their size and weight and they get no less and no more and have schedule printed on hands which lets them go places they are supposed to be and make them remember. It washes away after the last thing on it which is sleep. Gale gets a comunnicuff for rescuing survivors of the bombs.  Katniss is in hospital and doesn't need to follow her schedule and then a person called Plutarch tells her about how they wanted her to be their Mockingjay. She agrees with some conditions which are:

1. Peeta won't be killed by them if they win the rebellion.
2. All the victors will be forgiven.
3. She kills president Snow.
4. She and Gale get to hunt.
They are announced in public and then she is showed her uniform which was made by Cinna, her stylist during the hunger games who got killed by the Capitol. Her uniform has specially designed armour and a helmet and a poison pill to swallow if captured and she get a bow and many arrows and her bow responds to her voice while she has three quivers with fire causing arrows in the left, normal arrows in the center and explosion causing arrows in the right.

Then they go to district 8 and Katniss disobeys orders and fights the Capitol's hovercrafts and  after it Katniss is again admitted in hospital as a piece of shrapnel had pierced through the armour to injure her in the leg. After that she goes to special defence and meets Beetee and discuss weapon with Gale. She gets to know that they are sending some soldiers for rescuing Peeta and when they come back with him he starts getting mad at Katniss. 

Soon Peeta is getting out of madness fits when shooting a propo near the Capitol Boggs gets hit by a bomb and dies but tranfers the control of the Holo to Katniss and Peeta almost kills Katniss and pushes Mitchell into a pod and he dies and they start going towards the Capitol have food go through pipes in which Pollux is the guide and Cressida and Finnick die and Katniss gives the self destruction order and breaks a bridge to stop mutts and after reaching President Snow's mansion there is an explosion and Prim dies and snow is captured and in district thirteen Katniss kills Snow and Coin.


  1. Sid,

    Seem it has a lot of fighting. It must have been quite engrossing.

    Take care


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