Gautam's Birthday!

It was Gautam's birthday yesterday.When we woke up we started singing the birthday song to Gautam and he opened his gifts and he got a truck from me, a plane from mom and a helicopter from dad and then he wore his kurta pyjama to school. He got a nice card from his teacher and when I came to the bus then he was surrounded by children who went away and he gave me one chocolate and gave two of my colony friends chocolates and then it got over and then he chased till our house because I tried to do birthday bums on him and our grandmother surprised him and gave him a truck she had got as his gift. Then in the evening all his friends started coming and they danced then we cut the cake and then they went away with the return gifts and we opened his gifts and I started reading a book he got and then we had dinner and we slept.


  1. Sid,

    Nicely celebrated birthday it has been.

    Take care


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