My Green Ambassador Project

Yesterday I had my green ambassador project. We had to go a petrol bunk and check the emission certificate. Before going we were given instructions and then we went and I was lucky to be in the first batch and then we started asking and giving green and red tags for having the emission certificate and not having it respectively and giving tip cards and taking down their vehicle's plate number, money the owner spends for fuel per month, distance travelled in that particular vehicle and total fuel tank capacity which were noted down by the leader. Out of the six in our group, two were holding banners, the leader noting down on the paper, two putting red and green tags and one giving tip cards, I had the role of introducing us to the vehicle owner and asking him/her the questions. In the first ten minutes or so their were only two wheelers which came to the place allotted to us and then after it we got many car and bikes to ask and at the end of the hour we had finished three pages out five and boarded the bus tot he school and we were given two options to pass time and they were:
1. Go to the quadrangle and play
2. Go to the library and read.

While the others in my group went for playing and saw the cricket match while I went to the library to finish the last book in the hunger games series, Mockingjay and I read the last hundred pages to finish it in one hour after reading it for so many days in fifteen minutes I could save in the recess. Then I ate my snacks and got some juice from the school and then went home.        


  1. Sid,

    It is so good to make vehicle owners aware about air pollution. You seem to be an avid reader. Keep up this habit. I am still waiting for reply to my question in your previous post.

    Take care

  2. I am glad that this will help you relate the actual concepts about environmental awareness to your day-to-day life.

  3. I clicked through by mistake, thinking your post was about a green colored ambassador car. But thanks to my mistake, I learned something about what you are doing about emission and things. I cannot imagine what might be a possible solution for all the fuel emissions everywhere, cars, factories, power plants, airplanes. And I also wonder why there is so much emission in the first place. Now I am reading The Problem of the Thor Bridge. It is Sherlock Holmes story.


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