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Dussehra Holidays!

Our Dussehra holidays were fun. I went to Ooty and met two friends there and played a lot of cricket and just did whatever I wanted to do and my dog has come back inside the house after recovering from a tick problem. I missed the Dandiya event as we came back that day and were tired and it was raining that time so I didn't go and the next day my friends told me they did it inside the badminton court and had a lot of fun.

Visit to Ooty

We went to the queen of hill stations Ooty someday's back. We were lucky that we started early and didn't get stopped during the Cauvery water agitation and had breakfast at a restaurant near Mandya and then we went through the Bandipur forest and then Mudumalai forest and then came near Ooty and the Ghat roads were really bad with 36 hairpin bends and was very steep and in Ooty we saw many carrot, potato and cabbage plants and step farming also.

We stopped at Sterling resorts and checked in and went for lunch and there I met my friend over there and in the evening we went and played carrom, chess and table tennis and then went for dinner and started walking for a while and then the next day we bought home made chocolates from the oldest chocolatier and did boating, bought bulbs and seeds and went back when it started raining and the next day we saw the botanical garden which was well maintained and longand full of greenery that we went there again and we travelled in the Nil…


I am so relieved that the vacation has started and after exams now finally I can rest and don't have to study and I am very happy with the marks and enjoying the vacations by playing outside, video games and just lazing around. Nowadays we play a lot with coco and he likes it to and I have less homework so for sometime i don't need tot ouch school textbooks and notebooks.