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English Day Celebrations

Today was celebrated as English Day in our school. The programs started with Principal sir and Vice Principal ma'am lighted a lamp. Then a song and then some still sketches turned into a video by some students and the video was about Charles Dickens. Then, a girl from our class recited a poem she had composed and I went backstage with the rest of the participants and after a play our turn came and we recited 'The Highway Man' by Alfred Noyes. Then the boring parts came in which I was trying to sleep and they were talking about vowels and compound words and then some 10th standard students who had painted their faces Black and white and showed a student's life in which he has a lot of stress and while studying overnight, the student fainted and then after coming from hospital started doing pujas to pass and rejected to study for IIT ,MBA and MBBS and becomes mad and commits suicide and then after some more dances and prize distribution and vote of thanks, we go home

A Good Read

I recently read Catching Fire and finished the Hunger Games series. For those wondering how I finished the series as Catching Fire is the second book, the answer is that because of a mistake I read Mockingjay,
the last book instead of the second one and I liked it a lot.

The book starts with Katniss getting food for Gale and his family from the forest. Then there are many photo shoots, announcement that Peeta is going to marry her as this is the orders of President Snow and the Quarter Quell is near as each 25 years there is a Quarter Quell and in the first Quarter Quell, the neighbours had to choose the tributes. In the second Quarter Quell, they had to send twice the number of tributes and this was the Hunger Games in which Haymitch Abernathy of district 12 won and Maysilee Donner who is Madge's aunt, a friend of Katniss's mother and was the owner of the mockingjay pin died in the top 5.

Gale was whipped and was critically injured as a new head peacekeeper was there in plac…


Gautam told some new words in a funny way and I want to write it down before I forget

Me: extra
Gautam: extro
Me: avada kedavra
Gautam: abada kabada
me: levicorpus
Gautam: lebicorpus