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I recently read Catching Fire and finished the Hunger Games series. For those wondering how I finished the series as Catching Fire is the second book, the answer is that because of a mistake I read Mockingjay,
the last book instead of the second one and I liked it a lot.

The book starts with Katniss getting food for Gale and his family from the forest. Then there are many photo shoots, announcement that Peeta is going to marry her as this is the orders of President Snow and the Quarter Quell is near as each 25 years there is a Quarter Quell and in the first Quarter Quell, the neighbours had to choose the tributes. In the second Quarter Quell, they had to send twice the number of tributes and this was the Hunger Games in which Haymitch Abernathy of district 12 won and Maysilee Donner who is Madge's aunt, a friend of Katniss's mother and was the owner of the mockingjay pin died in the top 5.

Gale was whipped and was critically injured as a new head peacekeeper was there in place of Cray and had him whipped and Darius, another peacekeeper came in between and was made an Avox later and this was discovered by Katniss when she came for the hunger games and Gale and many other were cured by her mother. It is announced that the 75th Hunger Games will have victors as tributes and Haymitch,Peeta and Katniss practice to have careers as allies and Finnick,Johanna,Mags,Wiress and Beetee are Peeta and Katniss's allies in the starting everyone is separated from the other parts of the arena by saltwater and their belt help them swim and there is no food and water in the Cornucopia and only weapons.

Finnick and Mags become allies now and search for water and Peeta hits a forcefield and his heart stops beating and Finnick saves him and makes a tent while Katniss hunts and they get a thing from the sponsors,
which is a spile to get water and run from a poisonous fog and Mags dies while they escape to the beach where monkeys attack and a morphling takes a monkey's bite to save Peeta.

Then, Johanna comes with Wiress and Beetee and Katniss recognises that the arena is a clock and Wiress was washing a wire when she is attacked and killed and Cashmere and one more career also dies and they start receiving district 3 bread and one day, Beetee take the wire and arranges it in such a way that the forcefield would be broken and Johanna takes out Katniss's tracker and Katniss is explained all about district thirteen, their resistance and their plan to overthrow the Capitol.

For more detail, read the book yourself.


  1. I haven't read the series, but since you were almost glued to it, I am sure it was pretty good!


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