English Day Celebrations

Today was celebrated as English Day in our school. The programs started with Principal sir and Vice Principal ma'am lighted a lamp. Then a song and then some still sketches turned into a video by some students and the video was about Charles Dickens. Then, a girl from our class recited a poem she had composed and I went backstage with the rest of the participants and after a play our turn came and we recited 'The Highway Man' by Alfred Noyes. Then the boring parts came in which I was trying to sleep and they were talking about vowels and compound words and then some 10th standard students who had painted their faces Black and white and showed a student's life in which he has a lot of stress and while studying overnight, the student fainted and then after coming from hospital started doing pujas to pass and rejected to study for IIT ,MBA and MBBS and becomes mad and commits suicide and then after some more dances and prize distribution and vote of thanks, we go home 


  1. What your tenth class guys portrayed the life of a student shouldn't be the case. Nobody must have to commit suicide for not getting selected in a course. One must be able to make better use of what one gets into. Wish their skit was made on a more positive plot.

  2. Did they allow a question answer session after that skit? It will help if the students could share their experiences then. Like papa says, where is the need for suicide just because one does not get through a course?

  3. Sid,

    Read 3 posts now as I was away from Delhi for sometime. Had a good laugh at the way Gautam pronounced the words. He will surely learn as he grows up. Reading is a very good habit. Do keep it up. Those students staged play with a very strong message. One should work hard but at the same time take care of health. One should never be discouraged by results and there is always another chance.

    Take care

  4. I had missed this blog post but that's a gruesome day!
    - first a poem about a robber and his honey, and the honey kills herself
    - then an overworked student committing suicide

    Actually I think it's pretty funny, but maybe it's a bit more adult humor :-)


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