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Funny Poem

Our English assignment was to make a funny poem. So this is my hand at poetry.

Cosmic CowThe ancestor of all earth cows
None other than the cosmic cow;
While the earth cow goes moooo
The cosmic cow goes maaaa;
While the earth cow gives milk
The cosmic gives cottage cheese;
While humans graze cattle
The martians graze the cosmic cattle;
The earth cow eats grass
While the cosmic cows eats glass.  

School starts

I know I should have typed in this post back in June but what a turn of events happened in June.

Day 1
Wake up early after so many days(yawn). I start getting ready and get dropped to school by dad. I go to my class 6B and go right to the ground for the assembly. I find out that I am part of few students who took Kannada as third language as the majority went with Sanskrit(so called easier language) and one or two took Sanskrit as second language(after taking Hindi as 2nd lan since 1st standard) and Hindi(seriously ?!!??).

Periods are taken up by introduction.

Day 2
Well everyone has to take Hindi as 2nd language except those who have Kannada as 2nd language.
Start some subject and otherwise uneventful day.

Day 3
I get a huge shock. I along with those who took Kannada(3rd lan) got shuffled to 6D and others remain.

All other days are spent making friends, retaliating comments etc.

My Birthday

My  birthday was on may 11th. I woke to another frenzy of calls and they noticed that my voice was a bit dull because of sleepiness and when I went down, dad just dropped a envelope, said it was my birthday gift and went back upstairs. I opened it and found  a few handwritten letters from mom, dad and Bart uncle.

I felt very nice and later received one from my mausi,mausa and my cousin sister and from my mama,mami with Jack uncle sending me a card and Zephyr aunty called me and we chatted. Thanks to everyone who sent me such lovely letters. I felt this was a very good gift. I enjoyed the day with mom,dad, nana, gautam and not to forget coco :). 
I got another gift. A laptop in which I am currently typing this post in. Thanks for this gift mom,dad and nana.


Iron Man 3

I watched Iron man 3 two days back. It was an awesome experience and a must watch. The movie starts with a quick flashback to New Year's Eve 1999 in Bern where a Tony Stark with his scientist paramour Maya Hansen, arrogantly avoids crippled scientist Aldrich Kellian, who wants Stark's backing in his think tank Advanced Idea Mechanics(AIM).
Back to present, Tony's obsession with his many suits and panic attacks with the mention of New York's alien invasion(Avengers) and a string of attacks under the leadership of a terrorist named the Mandarin causes Tony to get out of a stupor and give a televised warning which results in his house being destroyed and he reaching Tennessee where his suit is out of power. 
He drags it to a warehouse where he meets Harley, a precocious 10 year old boy. He finds blast spot and is attacked by two people under the Mandarin using Extremis and escapes with Harley's help. He tracks the Mandarin .

Aldrich plans to capture the president and…

Fun in sand

We went to Goa a few days back. It was an awesome trip and we went to Lemon Tree Amarante Beach Resort in Candolim.
Day 1 We woke up at six and got ready. A taxi dropped us at BIA airport after an uneventful two hour trip. We boarded our flight and Gautam and I were surprised that it was such a short trip. We both slept in the taxi and sleepily went to the room. There mom and dad took a short nap while we both played some games. We then went to the swimming pool. 
Then we went to the beach and the path to the beach was really dirty and the beach itself wasn't cleanest but near the sea, there were negligible amounts of garbage at all. We witnessed the sunset and walked until Gautam wanted to go to the room. We then had dinner in one of the best restaurants in the area: The Republic of Noodles, a pan-Asian restaurant that serves South-East Asian food. Then we slept.
Day 2 We woke up early and went for a walk on the beach and saw the sunrise and many starfishes and one crab and nets f…


Titan ( or Saturn VI) is the largest moon of Saturn discovered by Christiaan Huygens in 1655. It is named after the Titans of Greek mythology. It is the only known natural satellite to have a dense atmosphere and the only object other other than Earth to have clear evidence of liquid on its surface. Titan has a yellow colour because of an organonitrogen haze. It is the second biggest moon in the solar system after Ganymede and its larger by volume than Mercury but has less mass.
Titan is primarily composed by water ice and rocky material. Its opaque atmosphere prevent examining of its surface without a probe. The Cassini mission sent a probe and found liquid bodies of liquid methane and its surface is young and smooth with some mountains and possible cryovolcanoes. It has a methane cycle similar to our water cycle and may host microbial life or at least be a prebiotic  environment with complex chemistry on the surface with a possible biotic ocean in its subsurface. Its surface temper…

Holi Hai

It was holi yesterday. my brother and I played holi. We took our pichkaris and filled a bucket of orange colour  and started spraying water from a distance on others to keep ourselves relatively dry but even they started spraying water on us from a distance and put gulaal on our faces. 
Then we started spraying water on other people and they threw the whole water in the bucket on us. Midway Gautam's pichkari broke and dad made an innovative pichkari from a bottle by making holes in its cap. We took a bath after playing put still my forehead is light red and my nails green as an after effect.

Europa and Enceladus

Europa and Enceladus are both huge candidates for extra terrestrial life. Europa is the smallest Galilean moon but still is one of the biggest moons in the solar system. Enceladus is the sixth biggest moon of Saturn and is considered the source of the E ring. Europa's surface is full of ice and silicate rocks and it probably have an iron core. Its surface is smooth and fairly young for a moon. There is a chance that there might be an ocean underneath its surface.Jupiter's huge gravitational field would cause enough friction to melt ice into an ocean.
Europa is tidally buckled with Jupiter. One side is always facing jupiter while the other side is always facing the opposite side. Europa water (if there is any) would be deep under its surface . Only information of Europa is by fly-by missions.
Enceladus reflects most of the light it receives and is the brightest object in solar system after the sun.  Enceladus has Cryovolcanoes near the south pole shooting out plumes of hot liq…

A good watch

I recently saw Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope. The movie starts with crawling letters giving information that the rebel alliance has won their first victory over the evil galactic empire and rebel spies have stolen information on the empire strongest weapon - the Death Star. An armoured space station with the capacity to destroy an entire planet.
Princess Leia races off in her spaceship to alderaan with the plans but the ship is captured by an imperial starship. Leia hides the plans in astromech droid - R2-D2. R2 escapes with protocol droid C-3PO to the surface of desert planet Tatooine. Jawa traders sell them to moisture farmars Owen and Beru Lars and their nephew Luke Skywalker. Luke accidentally triggers some part of the holographic message and the next day searches for R2-D2 and finds Ben Kenobi who reveals he is Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Kenobi sees the whole message and tells Luke to learn about the force and come to Alderaan. He initially refuses but sees his uncle and aunt dead, kille…

The Liebster award.

Deepa Duraisamy of Deepa's Kaleidoscope awarded the Liebster award to me. Liebster means dearest in german. I would nominate one blogger for this award.
Gurdev Parmar of Tech Stuff a tech blog.
Answers to Deepa's questions
1.Describe yourself in one sentence. Ans: A bookworm,social and I love to ask questions. 2.Of all the posts on your blog, which is your favourite? Ans: Posts about my brother and my dog 3.Of all the books you have read so far, which is your favourite? Ans: Tell Me Why World Wars 4.Do you have a favourite celebrity? Who is it and why? Ans: None as I just can't settle for one. 5.What do you dream of doing someday? Ans: Being a scientist and a person responsible for everyone using cleaner sources of energy. 6.If you could go to any place in the world, which would it be? Ans: New Zealand,South Africa,France and Italy 7.What’s your favourite part about a train/plane journey? Ans: The takeoff and landing. The most important parts of the journey. 8.What is one…

A good watch

I watched MIB3 recently. It starts with Boris the animal escaping his jail on moon with the help of his girlfriend Lily. Agent K and Agent J are at Wu's when Boris arrives to get even with K and warns him that he is already dead. At the MIB headquarters J searches about boris and K and finds out that K arrested him and activated the Arc net a defense system from the boglodites which led to their extinction.

That night, K disappears and the next morning J has developed an obsession to chocolate milk and finds no one remembers K and that he has been dead for over 40 years. Agent O discovers that he might have a temporal fracture and J gets to know that Boris might have time jumped and killed K which meant no Arc net and the boglodites were invading Earth.

J finds Jeffrey Price and time jumps to 15 july 1969, one day before Boris time jumps. The young K finds him and almost neuralyzes him and stops when he tells the truth. They follow a trail of clues to Griffin at Andy Warhol's…

Field Trip

Today I went for a field trip to tulips resort and amusement park.We boarded the and my friends took out the snacks that they brought and after reaching we kept our bags.Then a fight started in which a boy's watch broke and he demanded a new watch or Rs 2000. Luckily he fixed it so no one had to give him anything.We had breakfast which was idli vada with sambar and chutney.

Then we went for the rides. I went in ride which went round and round very fast and then in the ride named Columbus. After two of each and trying out their rope ladder, I tried going for the giant wheel but long line and the teachers called us for the magic show. The magician showed tricks while music was on full volume and he called many volunteers and everyone was raising their hands. There was the dance program in which during our class dance other classes came in between.

Lunch was served. There was chole bhature,aloo ki sabzi,fried rice and gulab jamun. After that some people played cricket while some lik…

The Indiblogger Meet

We registered and waited till half an hour for the programs to start.It started with a person playing the guitar and another singing Smoke on the water. Then our seating order was shuffled and then Anoop asked which table had a person wearing striped clothes and mom's table had one person and he said that they were convicts and my table got books from Harper Collins.Then 30 seconds of Fame started and this time I didn't participate but mom did and there was a twist in the story that after introducing yourself, you have to imitate your favourite character.Mom sang ए मेरे वतन के लोगो while many took the easy way out and chose Tom and Jerry or Mr Bean while one lady imitated Pikkachu. Mom won an HP 8 GB pen drive.
Then everyone was handed some chart in which there was a barcode. You had to scan it to find one part of three in the quotes given and I got But you look like my wife. Everyone was laughing at me.Then an HP representative told about Fakes and originals and effects of u…

Christmas Holidays - 2

My Christmas Holidays were very nice and I was just lazing about on the first day.We went to Mumbai to meet my aunt,uncle and grandfather by air. In the flight, my parents were laughing a lot during take off and landing because I was telling the procedures to be carried out as I had seen a lot of air crash investigation. After reaching there, I slept in the taxi while we went to my uncle's place and after reaching his house, I just lazed around and it was the second day and on Christmas eve, I met some of my mom's tenth standard friends and tomorrow met her MBA friends and then I went to my grandfather's place. Then after few days my cousin sister came for two days here and I played cards and chatted a lot with her and then one day after she went we came back to Bangalore and got Coco back.