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The Indiblogger Meet

We registered and waited till half an hour for the programs to start.It started with a person playing the guitar and another singing Smoke on the water. Then our seating order was shuffled and then Anoop asked which table had a person wearing striped clothes and mom's table had one person and he said that they were convicts and my table got books from Harper Collins.Then 30 seconds of Fame started and this time I didn't participate but mom did and there was a twist in the story that after introducing yourself, you have to imitate your favourite character.Mom sang ए मेरे वतन के लोगो while many took the easy way out and chose Tom and Jerry or Mr Bean while one lady imitated Pikkachu. Mom won an HP 8 GB pen drive.
Then everyone was handed some chart in which there was a barcode. You had to scan it to find one part of three in the quotes given and I got But you look like my wife. Everyone was laughing at me.Then an HP representative told about Fakes and originals and effects of u…

Christmas Holidays - 2

My Christmas Holidays were very nice and I was just lazing about on the first day.We went to Mumbai to meet my aunt,uncle and grandfather by air. In the flight, my parents were laughing a lot during take off and landing because I was telling the procedures to be carried out as I had seen a lot of air crash investigation. After reaching there, I slept in the taxi while we went to my uncle's place and after reaching his house, I just lazed around and it was the second day and on Christmas eve, I met some of my mom's tenth standard friends and tomorrow met her MBA friends and then I went to my grandfather's place. Then after few days my cousin sister came for two days here and I played cards and chatted a lot with her and then one day after she went we came back to Bangalore and got Coco back.