Christmas Holidays - 2

My Christmas Holidays were very nice and I was just lazing about on the first day.We went to Mumbai to meet my aunt,uncle and grandfather by air. In the flight, my parents were laughing a lot during take off and landing because I was telling the procedures to be carried out as I had seen a lot of air crash investigation. After reaching there, I slept in the taxi while we went to my uncle's place and after reaching his house, I just lazed around and it was the second day and on Christmas eve, I met some of my mom's tenth standard friends and tomorrow met her MBA friends and then I went to my grandfather's place. Then after few days my cousin sister came for two days here and I played cards and chatted a lot with her and then one day after she went we came back to Bangalore and got Coco back.


  1. Awesome, maybe you could become an air crash investigator yourself!

  2. Sid,

    Holidays well spent with uncle, aunt and grandfather. These memories will remain with you always.

    Take care


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