Field Trip

Today I went for a field trip to tulips resort and amusement park.We boarded the and my friends took out the snacks that they brought and after reaching we kept our bags.Then a fight started in which a boy's watch broke and he demanded a new watch or Rs 2000. Luckily he fixed it so no one had to give him anything.We had breakfast which was idli vada with sambar and chutney.

Then we went for the rides. I went in ride which went round and round very fast and then in the ride named Columbus. After two of each and trying out their rope ladder, I tried going for the giant wheel but long line and the teachers called us for the magic show. The magician showed tricks while music was on full volume and he called many volunteers and everyone was raising their hands. There was the dance program in which during our class dance other classes came in between.

Lunch was served. There was chole bhature,aloo ki sabzi,fried rice and gulab jamun. After that some people played cricket while some like me went for rides and I kept climbing the ladder and tried the columbus once more. Then when it was finally my turn to come in the giant wheel which was smelling of sulphur dioxide, sir told time up and while going we received one cake and chocolate.


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