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I watched MIB3 recently. It starts with Boris the animal escaping his jail on moon with the help of his girlfriend Lily. Agent K and Agent J are at Wu's when Boris arrives to get even with K and warns him that he is already dead. At the MIB headquarters J searches about boris and K and finds out that K arrested him and activated the Arc net a defense system from the boglodites which led to their extinction.

That night, K disappears and the next morning J has developed an obsession to chocolate milk and finds no one remembers K and that he has been dead for over 40 years. Agent O discovers that he might have a temporal fracture and J gets to know that Boris might have time jumped and killed K which meant no Arc net and the boglodites were invading Earth.

J finds Jeffrey Price and time jumps to 15 july 1969, one day before Boris time jumps. The young K finds him and almost neuralyzes him and stops when he tells the truth. They follow a trail of clues to Griffin at Andy Warhol's studio. They are guided to his location by his words and find him. He shows them a future baseball match and gifts them the arc net when Boris kidnaps him.

K and J follow him and rescue Griffin but Boris escapes. They travel to Cape Canaveral for the moon launch. Griffins goes away while J kills the older Boris by using time travel technology while K shoots off young boris's left hand and attaches the arc net to the spacecraft. They both escape while the old Boris is incinerated and the young boris kill J's father and is killed by K.

Young James comes out of a car and asks where is my dad. K neuralzes him and says your dad was a hero. J returns to his time and everything is all right.    


  1. Aha I know you loved the movie :).

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  3. Hi Sid,

    Great writing! Some very sweet memories shared! I wanted to pass along a virtual award - The Liebster award - to you and your blog. Please check the link Liebster Award for the same! I hope you enjoy writing the post!


    1. Thanks and I will surely enjoy writing the post.


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