The Liebster award.

Deepa Duraisamy of Deepa's Kaleidoscope awarded the Liebster award to me. Liebster means dearest in german. I would nominate one blogger for this award.

Gurdev Parmar of Tech Stuff a tech blog.

Answers to Deepa's questions

1.Describe yourself in one sentence. Ans: A bookworm,social and I love to ask questions.
2.Of all the posts on your blog, which is your favourite? Ans: Posts about my brother and my dog
3.Of all the books you have read so far, which is your favourite? Ans: Tell Me Why World Wars
4.Do you have a favourite celebrity? Who is it and why? Ans: None as I just can't settle for one.
5.What do you dream of doing someday? Ans: Being a scientist and a person responsible for everyone using cleaner sources of energy.
6.If you could go to any place in the world, which would it be? Ans: New Zealand,South Africa,France and Italy
7.What’s your favourite part about a train/plane journey? Ans: The takeoff and landing. The most important parts of the journey.
8.What is one thing that you do not like about school? Ans: Exams!
9.What’s the best gift you ever received? Ans: Can't really decide as all gifts that I have received are equally good :D.
10.Share a joke! Ans: Drumroll, The joke is a Sardar was removing one tyre from his auto rickshaw when someone asks him why are you removing the tyre. He replies can't you see it is written two wheeler parking.

No questions are asked by me to dad ;).


  1. Congratulations, Sid, on your blog award. It was real good fun reading your answers to the questions. I used to like the candy that they would give in planes when I was younger. They don't have the same candy anymore. I hate the candy they serve now. And your joke is a solid one too.

  2. Congrats Siddharth! You must be so happy. Loved reading all your answers :).

  3. I remember reading the answers through my phone and had wanted to comment, but I hate typing out long sentences through the phone. Good that you put the questions in here too, helps to connect! :) I can almost imagine you with a book and asking questions :) I will have to read that book which is your favourite! The title seems interesting. I admire you for the dream, very very necessary the way fuel and non-renewable sources of energy are being used today! New Zealand is beautiful! France is on my travel list too! I don't like exams too! :) The reading and studying part is good, exams put too much pressure and are bookish! And lastly, absolutely love the joke! Do keep writing! Best wishes for everything ahead!


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