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Iron Man 3

I watched Iron man 3 two days back. It was an awesome experience and a must watch. The movie starts with a quick flashback to New Year's Eve 1999 in Bern where a Tony Stark with his scientist paramour Maya Hansen, arrogantly avoids crippled scientist Aldrich Kellian, who wants Stark's backing in his think tank Advanced Idea Mechanics(AIM).
Back to present, Tony's obsession with his many suits and panic attacks with the mention of New York's alien invasion(Avengers) and a string of attacks under the leadership of a terrorist named the Mandarin causes Tony to get out of a stupor and give a televised warning which results in his house being destroyed and he reaching Tennessee where his suit is out of power. 
He drags it to a warehouse where he meets Harley, a precocious 10 year old boy. He finds blast spot and is attacked by two people under the Mandarin using Extremis and escapes with Harley's help. He tracks the Mandarin .

Aldrich plans to capture the president and…

Fun in sand

We went to Goa a few days back. It was an awesome trip and we went to Lemon Tree Amarante Beach Resort in Candolim.
Day 1 We woke up at six and got ready. A taxi dropped us at BIA airport after an uneventful two hour trip. We boarded our flight and Gautam and I were surprised that it was such a short trip. We both slept in the taxi and sleepily went to the room. There mom and dad took a short nap while we both played some games. We then went to the swimming pool. 
Then we went to the beach and the path to the beach was really dirty and the beach itself wasn't cleanest but near the sea, there were negligible amounts of garbage at all. We witnessed the sunset and walked until Gautam wanted to go to the room. We then had dinner in one of the best restaurants in the area: The Republic of Noodles, a pan-Asian restaurant that serves South-East Asian food. Then we slept.
Day 2 We woke up early and went for a walk on the beach and saw the sunrise and many starfishes and one crab and nets f…