Fun in sand

We went to Goa a few days back. It was an awesome trip and we went to Lemon Tree Amarante Beach Resort in Candolim.

Day 1

We woke up at six and got ready. A taxi dropped us at BIA airport after an uneventful two hour trip. We boarded our flight and Gautam and I were surprised that it was such a short trip. We both slept in the taxi and sleepily went to the room. There mom and dad took a short nap while we both played some games. We then went to the swimming pool. 

Then we went to the beach and the path to the beach was really dirty and the beach itself wasn't cleanest but near the sea, there were negligible amounts of garbage at all. We witnessed the sunset and walked until Gautam wanted to go to the room. We then had dinner in one of the best restaurants in the area: The Republic of Noodles, a pan-Asian restaurant that serves South-East Asian food. Then we slept.

Day 2

We woke up early and went for a walk on the beach and saw the sunrise and many starfishes and one crab and nets full of struggling fishes (not a great sight). We had breakfast in Citrus Cafe and then went to the beach and made sandcastles and took dips in the sea. Then we went to Candolim beach road and ate lunch in a restaurant named 'The Curry House.'

Then we bought ice creams from a nearby Baskin Robbins store and then went to the nearby mall to buy things and returned to the room. Then we went swimming and saw X-men: First Class  and ate dinner again in the Republic. Then mom and Gautam went to the room while dad and I sat on a hammock for sometime before going to the room.

Day 3

We both slept while mom and dad went to the and walked to Fort Aquada. We had breakfast and sat on the hammocks. Then we swam in the swimming pool and took a bus to Anjuna beach where we had lunch in a beach shack and explored the flea market. The market was huge and we were tired by the time we finished walking through the whole market and we took a taxi to the resort. 

There mom and dad slept while we played and we went to the beach in the evening. There was high tide and waves were to big go for a dip so gautam and I made sandcastles and we went back. We had dinner in the republic and returned to the room.

Day 4

We woke and had breakfast. Then we swam in the swimming pool for a lot of time and packed everything on returning to our room. Then we left for Dabolim airport were we met mom's blogger friend Susan Deborah. We reached Bangalore and picked up Coco.

"Three star" resort.

Crab which we found

"Five star" anyone?

On the entrance to the resort. Hilarious.


  1. Nice post. Hope you had a nice time in Goa.

    Your blog has been nominated for the Liebster award. For more details, please visit :

  2. Was that crab alive? Was it big?

    1. yes and medium sized. Dad even held it

  3. Cute post. I love the pee frog pic the best :).

  4. Hey Sid, that was a neat write-up about your stay in Goa. Do come again. Like Rachna, even I like the froggy picture.

    Joy always,

  5. Hey Sid, the the Five Star looks awesome. Very unlike my favorite chocolate though.

    Keep writing.

  6. Really enjoyed reading about your Goa trip Siddharth. Loved the pics .

  7. Nice post. Looks like you had a restful time in Goa.
    I was sorry to note about the unclean path leading to the beach.Generally Goa beaches are pretty clean.

    1. Thanks and yes normally Goa has really clean beaches


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