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My Birthday

My  birthday was on may 11th. I woke to another frenzy of calls and they noticed that my voice was a bit dull because of sleepiness and when I went down, dad just dropped a envelope, said it was my birthday gift and went back upstairs. I opened it and found  a few handwritten letters from mom, dad and Bart uncle.

I felt very nice and later received one from my mausi,mausa and my cousin sister and from my mama,mami with Jack uncle sending me a card and Zephyr aunty called me and we chatted. Thanks to everyone who sent me such lovely letters. I felt this was a very good gift. I enjoyed the day with mom,dad, nana, gautam and not to forget coco :). 
I got another gift. A laptop in which I am currently typing this post in. Thanks for this gift mom,dad and nana.