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School starts

I know I should have typed in this post back in June but what a turn of events happened in June.

Day 1
Wake up early after so many days(yawn). I start getting ready and get dropped to school by dad. I go to my class 6B and go right to the ground for the assembly. I find out that I am part of few students who took Kannada as third language as the majority went with Sanskrit(so called easier language) and one or two took Sanskrit as second language(after taking Hindi as 2nd lan since 1st standard) and Hindi(seriously ?!!??).

Periods are taken up by introduction.

Day 2
Well everyone has to take Hindi as 2nd language except those who have Kannada as 2nd language.
Start some subject and otherwise uneventful day.

Day 3
I get a huge shock. I along with those who took Kannada(3rd lan) got shuffled to 6D and others remain.

All other days are spent making friends, retaliating comments etc.