Funny Poem

Our English assignment was to make a funny poem. So this is my hand at poetry.

Cosmic Cow

The ancestor of all earth cows
None other than the cosmic cow;
While the earth cow goes moooo
The cosmic cow goes maaaa;
While the earth cow gives milk
The cosmic gives cottage cheese;
While humans graze cattle
The martians graze the cosmic cattle;
The earth cow eats grass
While the cosmic cows eats glass.  


  1. Interesting flight of imagination Sid. Keep blogging and keep smiling.

  2. Nice imagination...never thought of a cosmic cow before. Gr8 going!

  3. I am sending this poem to my Mom, Sid. She will be very happy that you wrote about her.

  4. Cottage Cheese...........I need to find those damn cosmic cows! Good going Sid. :)

  5. Sid, this was so cute and creative :).

  6. Sid, I love the imagination...cosmic cow? Holy cow!

  7. That is super creative. Write and make us all proud.

    Lots of Love :) <3

  8. Holy Cow! What an imagination you have Siddhart. Utterly loved reading your poem.

  9. Cute poem dear boy...keep writing and you will do wonders one day :)


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