The House of Hades

My recent read was "The House Of Hades", the much anticipated fourth book in Rick Riordan's Heroes of Olympus series. The story picks up where it ended in The Mark of Athena . Percy and Annabeth fell into Tartarus, the pit where all monsters go for regeneration. The Other five demigods accompanied by Nico di Angelo have to put their grief aside and have to go to Epirus and hope that Percy and Annabeth survive and have to close the doors of death or Gaea awakens. They try to cross the Apennines but are halted by angry ourae.

Hazel meets Hecate and she gives her four choices to go west to camp Half-Blood to stop the Roman-Greek war or go east where the ship is wrecked but they survive and Percy along with Annabeth will die or go North where they will cross Italy through a secret pass.

Meanwhile, Percy and Annabeth are having their own problems having trouble getting out of the Cocytus (river of hopelessness) and are forced to drink the firewater of the river Phlegethon to survive. They are surrounded by empousai and are saved by Bob the titan. They follow him until they get surrounded by arai this time and Percy kills one to find a cut on his chest. Bob remembers his past life as titan Iapetus. When the arai charge bob doesn't stop them and Percy is cursed with gorgon's blood.

The other five almost died in an encounter with Sciron and with Khione behind them sending Leo to Agygia.
Will they all survive? That is your question to answer.


  1. Super! Your reviews are getting better and better!

    1. Thank you very much papa. This is the book I read in Coorg ;)

  2. You were practically glued to this one on the Ipad! Nice review :).

  3. Good summary of the book indeed. Have you thought of putting the book review on Amazon?


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