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My birthday

It was my birthday yesterday and the last week was full of fun stuff. We watched Amazing Spider-man 2. I enjoyed the movie and Gautam absolutely loved it. This was the start of a week full of fun. Birthday movie over, now we headed to Barbecue Nation for a mouthwatering afternoon. The food was excellent as usual and they gave a cake and danced for a while.

We watched The Shawshank Redemption that night and almost completely watched it till stopping and going to sleep. I was completely occupied in the book I was reading that I didn't notice that it was 12 o'clock. Then mom entered with a gift and took me by surprise. I guess she still had  few tricks up her sleeve. The gift was a football jersey and shorts.

Then came my day tomorrow and I was again greeted by a blitzkrieg of phone calls from my relatives wishing me a happy birthday. We went for go-karting in the afternoon to Grips go-karting and bowling at Mysore road. The experience was below average.

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