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The comforting effect of truth

I woke up around midnight with my body profusely sweating. I was not able to sleep properly. My conscience was making me feel very guilty. One question was repeating itself in my mind, to tell or not to tell? This was not what I needed now; tomorrow were the exams, and as if the stress was not enough my guilt was not letting me concentrate or sleep. The incident bothered me a lot. My parents didn’t know about it. This whole thought process continued for quite some time. Finally, I made up my mind. At last, I was clear about the course of action I was about to take.
Amit, in one word was a bully. It was a fact that he was hated and dreaded by almost everyone around. Always ready to fight and provoking constantly, unless ignored could make life hard for anyone. He loved terrorizing all the new children who naturally were easy pickings for him. With personal experience, I can vouch that it is not an enjoyable phase for anyone.
Osama bin Laden could have been the President of USA for all…

Bullying: My worst fear and how I conquered it!

Fear, sooner or later, you have to face it. Fear can of many things but for all kinds of fear the only way to get rid of it is to face it. I used to fear bullies. Bullies can be found anywhere: in the classroom, in the bus, in the playground and in the neighbourhood. They will do their best to call you names, pull you down and make you feel like dirt. It is a big problem in our country especially for children like me.
Initially, I was very rattled by this. There were many times when I reached home crying. I started to dread going to play. School was not much different. Constant bullying was having an impact on me. My parents took up the matter with the teachers and supported me.
Those were days when I was filled with dread because of those bullies. They used to bully me sometimes on some physical trait or just something random. I started pondering about this day and night. This was having a big negative influence on me. I used to be cranky and in a bad mood all the time. At the same …