A healthy child keeps home happy

Healthy kids are happy kids. This is from my personal experience of falling ill and how everyone in the house gets stressed out when I am unwell. Ever since I came to Bangalore, I have been experiencing allergies and illnesses many times a year. This was taking a toll on the happiness of everyone in the family. I would be sneezing all day, unable to study properly or play. I was also very irritable during such times.

Bangalore is a place where the weather usually stays on the cooler side and can drastically change over just a few hours. The mornings and nights can be really cold and in afternoon the temperature rises. This kind of weather did not suit me at all and took a heavy toll on my health.

There are specific seasons when allergies are on a rise. These seasons can be dubbed allergy seasons as the high amounts of pollen and dust are really irritating. I used to sneeze and cough nonstop in the school and at home. Illnesses were very common during these periods in our family. I used to be very tense during these times, also felt very debilitated.

Then my brother was born, and he also suffered from the exact same illnesses as me and there would be times when both of us were in bed, down with fever, and mom and dad had to stop working to take care of us. This resulted in trips to a doctor who then recommended a huge list of medicines to be given before or after having food or in the morning and night daily. All those antibiotics which did work but weren't a great solution. Those medicines tasted really bad and some used to make me feel very sleepy. I was tired of those medicines, having to have them so frequently. I was thinking if there was a solution to this. I used to fall ill almost every two months and then it took many days for it to get cured. My brother’s case was no different. He used to be very cranky and irritable which affected the happiness of our home. 

My parents also searched a lot for something to strengthen our immune systems and reduce the number of times we fell sick. Nothing was really working, All those Benadryl and other medicines would just make me feel better but not prevent it. Then my parents chanced upon chyawanprash through a friend who recommended it to us. She said that it had worked wonders on her allergies and illnesses and now she falls ill rarely. 

We tried it out and it worked perfectly. Dabur Chyawanprash was very tasty unlike other medicines, and it started strengthening my immune system. I also have homeopathy pills along with it and both of them together have really worked wonders on my allergies. I have noticed that as we fall less sick, the entire family stays happy. Thank you, Dabur Chyawanprash!


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