Another year and another indiblogger meet. So far the meets have been sort of a mixed bag for me. My very first meet (incidentally at the same venue ITC Gardenia) was the Nokia app tasting when the lumia was launched and various apps were being shown by the two hosts of the night Vikas Khanna and Rajiv Makhni. They also engaged in a lot of fun events with all of us. This was one of the best meets I’ve attended so from then on, going to an indiblogger meet in Bangalore was a must. 

Then came the HP meet about their line of printers, counterfeiting and authenticity. They also spoke in detail about the problems faced by companies with popular items being counterfeited. Other than that, the rest of the meet was pretty fun and was arguably the best meet I have attended. Then we stumbled upon three not so good meets which made us have a little bit of doubt(insert hmm here). So then came the happy hour and the meet. Well the meet needed invites which was never seen before me so this is getting interesting thinking about what they had in store.

When the invite came then it was a highly anticipated event by us. So cometh the moment cometh the meet. We reach ITC Gardenia and meet all bloggers who we have not seen for quite a while. This was dad’s and my brother’s first meet so they were also meeting many bloggers for the first time. The meet begins with a lot of noise(Did I say a lot of noise? Already? Well add emphasis there). Anoop and Nihal deliver a rocking musical performance. A lot of well-known songs being sung and some head banging. All the bloggers already familiar with Anoop could predict that this was going to be a night with an excellent host and lots of laughter. 

Anoop didn’t disappoint in that aspect. He was absolutely excellent and got everyone out of their seats and meeting bloggers. That was the starting event of the night with the objective being to collect the most number of personal items from other bloggers. A guy managed to get a Nexus 5 (how??) from someone else. Then there was a presentation on the newly launched entry level segment laptop and AIO, the ASUS EeeBook and ET2040 AIO. 

There was a demonstration of the gesture control options found in the AIO and a UPS backup power feature that got my attention. Then there was a team advertising of blogging with our theme being Pirates of The Carribean in which I basically was focusing on spying and other spies more than our advertisement. Watching every team was fun with many coming out with many innovative ideas. The meet was wrapped up with the dinner and everyone left the meet a bit sleeker.
Group photo

Blogging advertisement discussion

Advertisement being carried out
Pic Courtesy: IndiBlogger


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