The NXT big thing in classifieds

Our house is full of unwanted items in good shape but just getting neglected as there is no one at home using them. Of course we can give it to somebody but how will we know whether it will be used or not. That is where classifieds sites like Quikr come in. Now we can get some extra bucks while a customer walks with a good product and both of us win. This is pretty good as sites like Quikr offer a lot of customers for an item that has no use at home and therefore both the buyer and seller land some great deals. But classifieds have their limitations.

You do not know what kinds of people are browsing that site. In today’s world where a lot of shady people are there online, do you really want strangers to know your phone number? Or your email ID? We can’t trust everyone can we? Here’s where Quikr and its all new Quikr NXT comes in. My family and I have been using for quite a while now. We are happy so far by the services offered by which ensures easy selling and at a reasonable price.

The only concern was about the phone number and email ID being displayed to everyone that led to a lot of mails and calls at really inconvenient moments. Phone calls also have their limitations. Now with Quikr NXT, only the Quikr ID will be displayed and we can chat with the buyers directly. This is really helpful. It just raises your selling experience up by a few notches. Here are some features found really useful in the new Quikr NXT:

Privacy: First for me would be the privacy that you can have through the Quikr NXT. Now there will be no one who will be able to access my personal data. This will help in many ways, Now there are lesser spam mails and calls allowing me to concentrate on other things.  So much better right?
Better Communication: Chats allow you to have a free flowing conversation that can be carried out whenever you are free. It allows both the buyer and the seller to remember previous discussions through chat history and ensures that both are clear about the product. No more calls confirming whether the product you are selling has feature A? Or what is the price of the product? All can be answered over chat easily and efficiently. This is a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller who can discuss the product in detail at a convenient time.
Picture and Video Sharing: This is a very well thought out feature by Quikr especially for the buyer. Now there can be assurance that the product they are going to buy is not broken and is a high quality product. Now you can ask for photos at different angles or a video about the product. Say you are buying a refrigerator then you can ask the seller to record a video of the whole fridge’s inside part to see whether it is working properly.
Now buy and sell things Quikr


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