Upgrade to a better car with Quikr NXT

If I had to upgrade my current car, the topic brings to mind so many lovely cars that I have been reading about and seeing on the roads. Well, the normal route of replacing one’s car is by buying a new one. But, I am not sure. I don’t think I want to go for a car loan just now given the precarious situation of finances at home. Hence, a second-hand car seems like a feasible option.

A city like Bangalore has a sizable population of techies and other professionals who relocate pretty often. One of my neighbors has been moving every couple of years. And, once they sold there brand new car for a bargain as they were in a rush to move. Hence, I believe that second-hand cars hold a lot of promise in terms of landing a great bargain. Most often, it is difficult to really know about a bargain before it is gone.

And that is when while looking for a computer table, I came across Quikr. Surprise, surprise Quikr also has used cars listed now. I browsed just out of interest and was hooked.

What I liked was:
·       Each car listing has detailed pictures of the car
·       All details like Model, Year and other details are mentioned
·       One can sort the search based on various criteria like the brand, model, type of car etc. to narrow the search
·       There is Quikr NXT, the green icon that lets you instantly chat with the buyer.
·       A contact number of the buyer is also provided.

The great features of Quikr Nxt are:
1.     Maintain a record of all interactions in one place to refer back to when needed.
2.     Ensure that every single query is posed to the buyer even though they may respond later. That ensures that you have all the information before you take the decision.
3.     You do not infringe mutually on each other’s privacy by calling repeatedly at odd times.
4.     The seller also has one place where they can access all their interactions with multiple buyers. This prevents confusing one buyer with another.

Thus, I feel that Quikr is a perfect online classifieds website when it comes to upgrading my car. All, I’ll do is shortlist a few cars based on what my preferences are. At the moment I am thinking of a small car like a Maruti or a Hyundai. I am not looking at spending too much money either so a model 2-3 years older will suffice. I will certainly be interested the regular features like air-conditioning, power steering, power locking, good stereo, power windows, and the general good condition of the car. I would prefer if the car has been driven by the owner and not a driver. I am sure, Quikr will be very helpful in providing me all the details so that I can upgrade from my current car to a dream one at the most reasonable price possible.


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