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My bundle of hope

My brother is someone who will watch my back always. He can give so much joy and you cannot stay sad when he comes and reassures. He is pretty straightforward and has the guts to say something that he thinks about you to your face regardless of your age or your feelings. He somehow manages to be sweet and annoying. He can never tolerate anyone saying anything to me as long as it is not him. After all, only he should get the exclusive right to hit me and annoy or irritate me with a barrage of teases. If anyone scolds me or hits me, he is going look for that person, find the person and scold the person. He has a very specific set of skills which comes from years of experience and experimentation on me. Annoying is among the top of that list. He is someone that can lift me up when I am feeling bad. He is like my bundle of optimism, optimism to face the world.

So my brother came into this world on September 5th 2006, just a little more than four years after I was born. I was pretty jealo…

A Refreshing Change

Change can be so refreshing. Of course not all change is good but when something changes for the good then it can be extremely refreshing and something that will be loved. Change happens every day and every second. Sometimes it is good and other times it is bad. Even we continuously change either for good or for bad. The change may be small but it can mean a lot.
Change can signify that we are moving forward or are happier. A change in me that may be considered minute or insignificant did mean a lot to mean. It defined how I faced bullying from that moment onwards. That change seemingly small has now become something very dear to me. The incident is a bit old. I was around 8 or 9 years old at that time. Before that year I mainly had my neighbours who were around my age as my friend. We used to play a lot of cricket during that time especially during the summers. Then my friend who was older than me introduced me to his group of friends to play with them
I was the smallest in that g…

A terrifying incident in the train

Hope is the strongest thing a man could ever possibly possess. Hope will keep you going when all else fails. I would like to quote Dr. Seuss’ statement “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Optimism is so uplifting. You can fell all your worries and sorrows melt away in an instant. It can make you feel absolutely wonderful.
I was alone in a Hyderabad local train with my young brother with strangers all around. I was focusing on the horrifying fact that my grandmother was still on the platform of Fatehnagar station and my brother and I were in a train with unknown people. How did I reach here? For that I would go back to when we left with my grandmother to Hyderabad to spend some time with her and with my parents staying in Bangalore. Yes, I’ll agree it was fun and everything but then nothing is quite like your own home. After one week I was missing Bangalore so we were to board a train back to Bangalore from Kacheguda railway station.
My brother and I were both v…

My supportive mother

Now that I think about it, I have had some really great times and some very beautiful, fresh memories of enjoying with my family. Behind every happy man/woman (or a boy/girl), there is a family. All those magical moments with my family have shaped me.

I distinctly remember when I was in fourth standard. I was nine years old at that time. Then I had a been in ‘B’ section for four years. This year like the years before, I signed up for the Olympiads for three subjects- IMO (International Math Olympiad), NSO (National Science Olympiad) and NCO (National Cyber Olympiad). In the last few years, I was steadily improving at Olympiads. To us students at the time, the main incentive was missing the PT class to write the Olympiad.

Also a high school rank and prizes were not bad either. So my mother who had been helping me study for the last few years again started, this time looking to go a step further with me. I had already won some prizes entirely because of mom’s effort to teach me. In tho…