A terrifying incident in the train

Hope is the strongest thing a man could ever possibly possess. Hope will keep you going when all else fails. I would like to quote Dr. Seuss’ statement “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Optimism is so uplifting. You can fell all your worries and sorrows melt away in an instant. It can make you feel absolutely wonderful.

I was alone in a Hyderabad local train with my young brother with strangers all around. I was focusing on the horrifying fact that my grandmother was still on the platform of Fatehnagar station and my brother and I were in a train with unknown people. How did I reach here?
For that I would go back to when we left with my grandmother to Hyderabad to spend some time with her and with my parents staying in Bangalore. Yes, I’ll agree it was fun and everything but then nothing is quite like your own home. After one week I was missing Bangalore so we were to board a train back to Bangalore from Kacheguda railway station.

My brother and I were both very cheerful. It was going to be uneventful train journey back to Bangalore and we were finally going back. Yes, one week away from my parents seemed a lot to me at that time. What could possibly go wrong now? In time I was proven wrong, very wrong. So my grandmother thought of taking the local train to the railway station, a route that I had never before taken through. She assured me that it would be the best.

Well enough, I listened to her and I trusted her judgment. So she went and bought three tickets for us. She started stressing on how fast a local train arrives and leaves. She told us to board at the first. When I asked about her, she said she would be fine and board the train fast enough. Turns out she was wrong. Now we were stuck in a local train separated from her. After searching for five minutes, I realized that she wasn’t able to board.

Luckily a kind man named Jitendra Tiwari allowed me to call my father. I talked my father and explained the situation. He reassured me and told that he would do something. I started crying and stopped after a while. I was clinging on to my little brother as my parents had told that I had to protect him. I would protect by all means. My brother was so young that he didn’t understand the situation properly but he had a vague idea that something was wrong. So when my father was coordinating between us and my grandmother, we were crying till few minutes. Finally my mother came on the phone and spoke with me.

Meanwhile, a railway policeman escorted us to the Kacheguda railway station and stayed till our grandmother came to pick us up. Thanks to the kindness of the railway policeman and Mr. Jitendra Tiwari, this ordeal finally over.


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