My bundle of hope

My brother is someone who will watch my back always. He can give so much joy and you cannot stay sad when he comes and reassures. He is pretty straightforward and has the guts to say something that he thinks about you to your face regardless of your age or your feelings. He somehow manages to be sweet and annoying. He can never tolerate anyone saying anything to me as long as it is not him. After all, only he should get the exclusive right to hit me and annoy or irritate me with a barrage of teases. If anyone scolds me or hits me, he is going look for that person, find the person and scold the person. He has a very specific set of skills which comes from years of experience and experimentation on me. Annoying is among the top of that list. He is someone that can lift me up when I am feeling bad. He is like my bundle of optimism, optimism to face the world.

So my brother came into this world on September 5th 2006, just a little more than four years after I was born. I was pretty jealous of my friends who were siblings before my brother came along. Even I wanted someone who will play with me whenever I wanted(one of the main reasons I wanted a sibling at that time). So I pestered and pestered, kept at this till mom would agree. Those days the routine was wake up, eat, pester, study, sleep and repeat.Finally she agreed so I waited for a younger sister(Yes I wanted a younger sister) during 2006. Finally when nearing September, my parents told me that I was going to have a sibling soon. I was curious about whether it would be a boy or girl. I was very anxious on September 5 2006 as I was told that today I was finally going to have a sibling.

My excitement knew no bounds, I was elated and anxious. Inside I was hoping that it should be a girl and not a boy. I think I got on the nerves of my father. All my friends were informed by me that I was going to have a sibling. I just could not sit still that day. Within me, I was constantly hoping that I get a sister and all the advantages and how I will finally have someone to pick up.   I was thinking about how the new baby would be. So finally, we were leaving for the hospital and the suspense was starting to make me irritated. Let the baby come out already. On reaching I was told that I have a new brother and I was disappointed. All my disappointment faded away on seeing him. That was a memorable day. It made me look up to the good times that we could have and gave me optimism to do anything.


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