My supportive mother

Now that I think about it, I have had some really great times and some very beautiful, fresh memories of enjoying with my family. Behind every happy man/woman (or a boy/girl), there is a family. All those magical moments with my family have shaped me.

I distinctly remember when I was in fourth standard. I was nine years old at that time. Then I had a been in ‘B’ section for four years. This year like the years before, I signed up for the Olympiads for three subjects- IMO (International Math Olympiad), NSO (National Science Olympiad) and NCO (National Cyber Olympiad). In the last few years, I was steadily improving at Olympiads. To us students at the time, the main incentive was missing the PT class to write the Olympiad.

Also a high school rank and prizes were not bad either. So my mother who had been helping me study for the last few years again started, this time looking to go a step further with me. I had already won some prizes entirely because of mom’s effort to teach me. In those days, there was more attention on mastering Olympiads than the curriculum. The curriculum was pretty easy and did not have study material for Olympiads so my mom used to go and borrow textbooks from the library and brought them home to teach me.

Then there were the online tests and study material to practice. My best friend Srikar used to compete with me in getting the best rank. We used to have Eduheal Olympiads and it took a while for the results to come out. So now coming back to the preparation, my mother got many books and I had my work cut out. So I learned about 1st generation computers, the main thing used to build them and then
it was on to 2nd generation computers then 3rd and finally to 4th. I learned about transistors, valves, types of printers, artificial intelligence and so on.

We finished with the study material provided quite easily. This was the year in which my mother was teaching me to be self-reliant too. I studied on my own for Olympiads after that year. So now feeling really confident about the Olympiad, I went and wrote all the answers. Now it was all up to how many answers I really got correct. So cometh the moment cometh the result, I was surprised. Such a low rank!

Srikar turned out to get 4th national rank. I checked at home and according to their website, I had really gotten 1st rank in school 4th state rank and 4th national rank. I was elated to have gotten such a high rank. The school had mixed up my rank with someone. Now all eyes were on Srikar, Had he gotten such a low rank? It turned out that we both shared the 4th rank. So I guess without my mother I would have never gotten such a high rank. I got a faulty watch for that but it was the rank that mattered.


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