A Refreshing Change

Change can be so refreshing. Of course not all change is good but when something changes for the good then it can be extremely refreshing and something that will be loved. Change happens every day and every second. Sometimes it is good and other times it is bad. Even we continuously change either for good or for bad. The change may be small but it can mean a lot.

Change can signify that we are moving forward or are happier. A change in me that may be considered minute or insignificant did mean a lot to mean. It defined how I faced bullying from that moment onwards. That change seemingly small has now become something very dear to me.
The incident is a bit old. I was around 8 or 9 years old at that time. Before that year I mainly had my neighbours who were around my age as my friend. We used to play a lot of cricket during that time especially during the summers. Then my friend who was older than me introduced me to his group of friends to play with them

I was the smallest in that group and it did add some people among which there was a bully. The bully was quite short actually. The bully was elder to me by 3 or 4 years. He didn’t get many people to pick on so he bullied me, the newest and youngest member. I guess he really was not able to bully someone else so he started focusing on finding new ways to bully me.

So teased me every day, day in and day out. That period was tough for me. There were times when I walked inside my home crying because of this bullying. I felt awkward and confused at first when he started it. After all I had kept minimal contact with him and it was not as if I provoked him.
My parents did talk to him a few times but that did not pan out to be a solution.  Now he did it even more after this. He knew that I was an easy target. My parents tried to teach me about witty retorts and did a lot of effort. Initially this was also not successful so I knew that there had to be some change within me.

I am sure my parents sensed that too. Finally the change came gradually. Then my parents and their coaching became very handy. Now I started my counterattack on the bully whenever he teased me. This continued for a few months on the field. For every time he teased me, I countered with witty retorts on his height. Finally he got the message that it is no longer easy to tease or bully me and get away with it. 


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