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It has been almost an year since I last blogged at all. And what an year it was! It was a complete whirlwind of an year, crammed with studies, homework, projects, quizzes and more and my blog was neglected as a result. Something I wasn't happy with. So here I am back to blogging and I will continue to try do update my blog regularly as possible for me. I have reached 10th standard now, so the inevitable Board exams add importance to this year. Coupled with other studies, this year seems to be quite eventful to say the least.

Few things have changed this year in the pattern of evaluation. Now, the comprehensive year-long assessment has been rolled back and 80% of our final grade is the Board exam. Also this time, we have to study the whole book for all the subjects for our Boards. Needless to say, we as students weren't jumping with joy at this decision and being the first batch to undergo this also feels like undue extra stress.

However I think with the right amount of studying I'll manage. My brother (G) has also turned ten and is pretty mature now. He has become very smart and persuasive, managing to cajole (or sometimes outright pester) me to do stuff for him and with him. He will be moving to 5th standard now. I remember my time in 5th standard very fondly and now I am envious of him too (just very slightly, but don't tell him) because my school already started while he enjoys his vacation. Considering that my vacation started later than his, it does make me feel jealous of him. But I digress. I have been trying to swim or cycle with him everyday. I manage to do it on most days.

Coming to the topic of my school, my school had this amazing idea of shuffling everyone from classes 1-10 into different sections. I don't really see the point of doing that, especially as 10th will be the final year in this school for most students. As for me, I got shuffled into B section from D but I have some of my old friends from D section luckily. I have also made new friends but we have been assigned a very strict class teacher who doesn't allow us to meet our friends in other sections or talk with each other in recess. Beats me though on why he does it.

But still, he can stop us to some extent only, we manage to sneak out during recess and talk. The syllabus on the other hand feels easier as we had done much of the same in 9th so there isn't a huge gap in learning. Hopefully this comes out as an advantage for us which I feel we deserve as the very least CBSE(The education board) could do for us.

Coco has become very mature and he doesn't run out like before but he still hates cats a lot. Probably owing to bad experiences with them as a puppy. But I can't really blame him. He turned six this month and he has made the Parmar family complete. He is a valued family member and will always be.


  1. Hi Sid,
    Quite liked reading your new blogpost. Looking forward to read more this year.


    1. Thanks, personally looking forward to writing more this year


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