School reopens!

The previous two weeks were hectic to say the least. School reopened for all classes on 1st June, which meant that G's vacations were over. He took it reasonably well and seeing as he was shuffled this year and his best friend was in another section, he was slightly nervous. But he has gotten used to the school routine now. As for me, my Allen classes got started which means that I stay at the school for an extra two hours so I have a bigger workload now.

One good thing about this year is that there are not many examinations so the projects have reduced in number. This is the silver lining of the new system which is greatly appreciated by me. Also I do now have two sources of homework but it is manageable. I don't understand what is the thought process of a parent when demanding extra homework for their child. Especially when it affects all students. I mean who loves extra homework?

G is also now immersed in studies and homework. He is now in fifth grade which reminds me when I was that young. Those were great days, but I digress. Coming back, G has 3rd language from this year on. He has chosen Sanskrit instead of the Kannada which I had taken but I utterly support him. Kannada was unduly tough and barely picked the language up. Sanskrit from what I hear is definitely easier for which I am happy.

Last week was such a blur and I have a lot of work to catch up on. Our school held a Model United Nations (MUN) training workshop for the past week where I have been missing 6 out 8 periods of school daily. I have in the meanwhile learnt the proceedings of MUN in and out and we had a 3 day mock session of MUN with a few extras like Crisis committees thrown in too as a bonus.

I was allotted the country Greece and to be frank I have grown slightly fond of Greece in the process. MUN was extremely fun and it was worth missing all the classes. I also got to know a lot about current affairs and foreign policy. Also now accidentally in class, I end up unwittingly spouting MUN jargon in between. What can I say? MUN has rubbed off on me.

The initial feeling of keeping things diplomatic and formal felt constraining at first but now after 5 days, it feels pretty normal. However these are just the first steps, my first inter-school MUN is a month away from now.

However the MUN simulation we had in our school was particularly fun. I'll try keeping the narration as simple as possible in order not to confuse people. The delegate of Spain who is also my good friend ended up sending chits(a method of private conversation between 2 delegates) that were hilarious. Here is the chit as written by him:
"Can your (insert country name) help Spain stop funding ISIS."

So he ended up funding ISIS due to the poor wording of his statement. Also during the committee, I got to speak quite a lot and ended up with UK and Russia working as my allies without much effort. The crisis committee was particularly entertaining. Crisis committees are hypothetical emergency committees where directives can be send to do many hypothetical situations and other delegates can be murdered. The delegate of Spain ended up murdering me with a knife but he inadvertently helped me out as Greece was shown in a bad light in the crisis and so I was saved a lot of defence by that. I was allotted Israel for the duration of the crisis and ended up utilising forces to nearly singlehandedly solve the crisis.

However since Israel isn't really good partners with Russia or the Middle East in general the committee ended up failing. Greece however surprisingly did very well in the final resolution and was a sponsor which netted some good points for me. I ended up with Best Delegate award of my committee but more than that I treasure the whole experience.

Delegate of Greece out for now.  


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